Da Vinci's Last Supper: Private Tour

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1 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie Milano Lombardia 20123 IT

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from €175.00 EUR
Duration: 2.5 Hours
 Organized by: Veditalia

Be ready to explore artwork from history, an artwork among the most important ones. In a way that can only be provided by a professional and knowledgeable tour guide, hear about da Vinci and his mentality at that time as he drew the art. As the masterpiece is a very delicate and sensitive one, limited amount of people is allowed to see it every day, in sessions of 15 minutes – count yourself lucky! The masterpiece is among the most spectacular paintings by da Vinci as well as it is a fact that the Last Supper altered art history – today, few people have the chance to see for themselves. During this marvelous journey, learn all details and stories about this masterpiece before heading to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.


  • Be amazed by the fine work found in the Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterwork,
  • Enjoy your high-quality tour, thanks to your professional guide,
  • Explore the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie as well as its hall.
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from €69.00 EUR
Duration: 45 min.
 Organized by: LivItaly Tours LLC
Get ready to be amazed by Leonardo da Vinci’s masterwork..
104 Reviews

Walking Tour Milan with Last Supper (1).jpg
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from €139.00 EUR
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: LivItaly Tours LLC
Be a part of a small group to explore Milan ..
16 Reviews

Half-Day Milan Tour and The Last Supper.jpg
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from €74.00 EUR
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: New Age/Wander Italy
Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” and take pleasure in a historic tour of Milan..
2.382 Reviews

Last Supper Guided Tour (1).jpg
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start from €44 EUR 
Duration: 45 minutes – 3 hours
 Organized by: GT Tours & All over Europe
See Da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper” in Milan..
4.170 Reviews

Walking Milan and Last Supper Tour with Food Tasting (3).jpg
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from €99.00 EUR
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: Florencetown
Your Milan tour will start in Piazzale Cadorna ..

Guided Tour Best of Milan with Last Supper (15).jpg
0.02 km

from €99.00 EUR
Duration: 3.5 Hours
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi Srl
Start your tour at Milan at the Santa Maria delle Grazie..
1.536 Reviews

Last Supper Ticket (Wednesdays and Saturdays) - The Last Supper masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci in Santa Maria delle Grazie church.JPG
0.05 km

from €68.00 EUR  
Avaible on: Not Available
 Seller: Tiqets
See a late 15th-century mural painting by Da Vinci in the refectory..
233 Reviews

Footprints of Da Vinci 3 Hours Guided Art Tour (1).jpg
0.05 km

from €79.00 EUR
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi Srl
Find out Da Vinci’s best works in Milan..
90 Reviews

Leonardo's Vineyard Tickets.png
0.06 km

from €14.00 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
See the payment of Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci..
80 Reviews

Guided Last Supper, Milan's Sistine Chapel and Sforza Castle Tour (9).jpg
0.11 km

from €66.00 EUR
Duration: 2 Hours
 Organized by: New Age
Get a 2-hour live guided trip of Milano and see a few of the Milan’s Renaissance..
846 Reviews

Last Supper Night Tickets (7).jpg
0.12 km

from €63.00 EUR
Avaible on: Not Available
Duration: 1 Hour
 Organized by: New Age
The Last Supper throughout a prolonged night opening up..
11 Reviews

Milano Experience with Last Supper (2).jpg
0.55 km

from €110.00 EUR
Duration: 6 Hours
 Organized by: Wander Italy
Your Milan tour will start in Piazzale Cadorna ..
87 Reviews

milano tram tour.jpg
0.55 km

9 Reviews
from €122.00 EUR
Duration: 2.5 Hours
 Organized by: Your Travel Diary
Starting with Piazzale Cadorna  ..

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Milan  (14).jpg
0.91 km

from €24.00 EUR
Duration: 1 Day-48 Hours
 Organized by: Sightseeing Experience
Enjoy exploring Milan while sitting on this open-top sightseeing bus.
2.050 Reviews

From Milan Bernina and St.Moritz Day-Tour (3).jpg
1.04 km

from €129.00 EUR
Duration: 12.5 Hours
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi Srl
Visit St. Moritz, Switzerland’s most famous mountain resort..
661 Reviews

Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Ticket (6).jpg
1.24 km

from €16.50 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
See the works of many famous artists such as Titian, Raphael, Botticelli and..
106 Reviews

From Milan Lake Como, Bellagio and Varenna Full-Day Tour (4).jpg
1.42 km

from €85.00 EUR
Duration: 10.5 Hours
 Organized by: Autostradale Viaggi
Be ready for a shopping adventure at the biggest shopping mall of Europe.
3.583 Reviews

La Scala Museum and Theater Guided Tour (5).jpg
1.48 km

1146 Reviews
from €29.00 EUR
Duration: 1 Hour
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi Srl
Chance to visit one of the most famous opera houses in the world..

The World of Leonardo Tickets (8).jpg
1.51 km

from €14.00 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
You will see models of 200+ machines designed by Da Vinci like a rapid-fire crossbow..
88 Reviews

Milan Sightseeing and Last Supper Guided Tour (4).jpg
1.52 km

from €99.00 EUR
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: City Wonders Ltd.
Bookings to see the Last Supper are restricted and sell out rapidly..
702 Reviews

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