Piazza del Duomo


This magnificent square is said to be the minor of Milan and the Milanese. In fact its citizens pour in and out of it at every hour of the day; whether it is ablaze with sun-light or full of snow, they pass in a hurry and seem almost unaware of its beauty, its gleaming space, its imposing, white cathedral.

This is not true however, since the speed at which a Milanese thinks is the same as his rhythm of work and when he passes by he only needs a glance at it to be comforted and excited, and have his heart fill with pride before disappearing into the darkness of the subway or being swallowed up in the traffic. The vast rectangular plaza as it appears today, was designed in 1865 by the architect Giuseppe Mengoni.

In the center stands the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II which is by Ercole Rosa (1896). This equestrian statue in bronze represents the King at the battle of San Martino, while the base shows the Entry of the Piedmontese and French troops into Milan after the Battle of Magenta (1859). The immense bulk of the cathedral forms a background to the square and is flanked on the left, by the Palazzo Settentrionale (the Northern Palace) with porticos which open into the Victor Emmanuel Arcade (Galleria Vit-torio Emanuele) and to the right, by the Palazzo Meridionale (the Southern Palace) also with porticos, after which there are two buildings with loggias; at the other end, the square is completed by the Palazzo del-l’Orologio (the Palace of the Clock). The two main subway lines, called the red and the yellow line, intersect at the station beneath this square.

Monumental Cemetery (Cimitero Monumentale).jpg
2.81 km
An iron fence rails off the external square from the internal one, closed in by the building which flow into one another to the centre of the building built as a sepuchral shrine. In this ce[…]
Casa di Riposo per Musicisti (2).jpg
2.88 km
This is the rest home for musicians that Giuseppe Verdi ordered built. The architectural plan was the idea of Arrigo Boito: in a crypt in the center of the garden (decorated with allegorical[…]
Hotel Milano Regency (1).jpg
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Step into the charm of the Hotel Milano Regency, an exquisite four-star establishment, nestled in the epicenter of fashion and design – Milan. This prestigious location is undeniably one of […]
Museo Interattivo del Cinema  (1).jpg
– A pre – cinema collection of magic lanterns, daguerrotypes and phenachistoscopi (invented in 1828 – special disks to spin giving an optical illusion), origins of movies a[…]
Certosa of Garegnano (1).jpg
6.41 km
Certosa of Garegnano was founded in 1359 by Giovanni Visconti Archbishop of Milan and his brother Luchino in the village of Garegnano, which had already become part of the city of Milan. Coi[…]
Santa Maria la Rossa.jpg
6.77 km
Ancient church and minor monastery. Only vestiges cab be seen today of how it must have looked when it was built around the 10th century or before Recent restoration work brought to light a […]
14.93 km
The Arengario or Town Hall (13th cent.) is supported by stone pillars. The upper part has two- and three-lighted windows and small hanging arches. A balcony (called “parlera”) fr[…]
15.72 km
Agricultural and industrial centre divided by the river Lambro. The Prepositurale (provostry) di San Giovanni Battista is believed to go as far back as the 4th cent. In the 16th cent. Baptis[…]
22.57 km
Important agricultural and industrial centre. The Castello, built in 1382 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti and later spoilt by alterations, still reveals some interesting parts of the original cons[…]
25.2 km
(Town of Carate Brianza, province of Milan). The Basilica di San Pietro is one of the prime examples of Romanesque architecture in Lombardy. Dating from the 9th or 10th cent., it has a simpl[…]
Cassano d'Adda.jpg
26.16 km
Large village built on a rise, to the right of the river Adda. The Castello Borromeo d’ Adda, whose origins are pre-1000 A.D., was rebuilt in later periods. It has an interesting inner[…]
26.22 km
At the meeting-point of Venetia, Emilia and Lombardy. Pile-dwel-lings and other remains indicate that the area was inhabited in ancient times. After being a Longobard and Frankish centre, it[…]
Trezzo sull' Adda.jpg
29.38 km
Trezzo sull’Adda is a comune located in the Lombardy region of Italy. The town is situated about 30 kilometers northeast of Milan, and it borders several other municipalities. The Navi[…]
Lodi (3).jpg
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Important agricultural and industrial centre, with historical connections, on the right bank of the river Adda. The Duomo was begun in 1160, and has a facade which has obviously been altered[…]
Sant' Angelo Lodigiano.jpg
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Sant’Angelo Lodigiano is a picturesque Italian city located in the Lodi province of Lombardy. Known for its enchanting castle, historical churches, and cultural museums, the city is ho[…]
38.98 km
Agricultural town at the foot of the hill of San Colombano. The 14th cent. Parrocchiale (parish church) has a neo-Classical pronaos, and frescoes by Bernardino Campi (c. 1552-1591). Only a c[…]
Ospedaletto Lodigiano.jpg
45.11 km
Agricultural centre; it grew up around a 12th cent. hospital. The church of Santi Pietro e Paolo (1559) has a fine facade, and is flanked by a cusped bell-tower. Inside is a picture by Berna[…]
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