Lake Maggiore and Borromean Islands Boat Tour

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Picture yourself in the shoes of eminent personalities like Ernest Hemingway or British Royalty, gliding gracefully over the calm, sparkling waters of the majestic Lake Maggiore. Situated in the verdant northern part of Italy, this stunning location brims with rich history, riveting artistry, and breathtaking natural beauty. Dive into an immersive journey, exploring the grandeur of the Borromean Islands, and the unparalleled charm of Stresa.

The Mesmerizing Journey Begins: Stresa and Lake Maggiore

Embarking on this hop-on hop-off boat tour gifts you the freedom to traverse Lake Maggiore at your own pace. Immerse yourself in the panoramic vistas of the tranquil waters juxtaposed against a backdrop of towering mountains. Lake Maggiore, one of the three great prealpine lakes of Italy, is a canvas painted with vivid hues of culture, history, and scenery that’ll leave you awe-struck.

The Crown Jewel of Lake Maggiore: Isola Bella

As the boat gently cuts through the azure lake waters, the first vision to captivate your eyes is Isola Bella. Dominated by the majestic 17th-century Palazzo Borromeo, this island manifests a heavenly blend of man-made brilliance and nature’s elegance. Wander through the opulent rooms adorned with fine art and timeless furniture, evidence of the aristocratic heritage it preserves.

Isola Bella - Lake Maggiore

Isola Bella – Lake Maggiore

Isola dei Pescatori

Unlike its neighbours, the Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island) offers you a glimpse into the raw, untouched side of the Borromean Islands. It’s a realm inhabited all year round, where the simplicity of the fishing village is heartwarming. Don’t miss out on relishing the local seafood delicacies, capturing the essence of the island in every bite.

Isola dei Pescatori at Lake Maggiore - Lake Maggiore and Borromean Islands Boat Tour

Isola dei Pescatori at Lake Maggiore – Lake Maggiore and Borromean Islands Boat Tour

Isola dei Pescatori on Lake Maggiore - Lake Maggiore and Borromean Islands Boat Tour

Isola dei Pescatori on Lake Maggiore – Lake Maggiore and Borromean Islands Boat Tour

Revel in Nature’s Splendor at Isola Madre

As the boat makes its way towards Isola Madre, brace yourself for an enchanting spectacle of flourishing flora in the island’s botanical garden. Allow the serene environment to infuse a sense of peace within you as you stroll amidst the lush greenery, a home to exotic species of birds and plants.

Isola Madre

Isola Madre

The serenity of Lake Maggiore, the allure of the Borromean Islands, and the tranquility of Stresa await your exploration. Set sail on an unforgettable journey, creating memories that will linger in your heart forever.

  • Enjoy a flexible boat service between Stresa and the three enchanting islands: Isola Bella, Isola dei Pescatori, and Isola Madre.
  • Lose yourself in the mesmerizing landscapes of Lake Maggiore and the idyllic archipelago.
  • Utilize the liberty to disembark at any island, tailoring your journey to your interests.
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