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The brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci shines through in his masterpiece, the Last Supper, making it a must-see for visitors in Milan. This iconic piece draws crowds from around the world, necessitating advance ticket purchase to ensure you don't miss out. However, securing tickets for the Last Supper in Milan can be more complex than expected.

Accessibility to visit Leonardo's famous Last Supper are extremely few. Only 35 visitors per 15 minutes are admitted. Ordinarily, The Last Supper tickets are priced at €15 per person and Last Supper tours are priced at a minimum of €50 per person for 2024. Booking tickets in advance is obligatory, and bookings can exclusively be made online or via the call centre at +39 02 9280 0360, since the on-site ticket office is just designated for confirming your reservation. The Last Supper tickets, typically made available one month in advance for a three-month period, are highly sought-after and often sell out. For example, tickets for 1 August to 31 October 2024 can be reserved around 30 days in advance, starting from 18 June 2024.

In addition to the above information, we would like to point out that it is also possible to visit the Last Supper by night. On selected days twice a month, the Last Supper gates are open from 7 pm to 10 pm, with the last admission at 9.45 pm. Late-night visits are in high demand and must be booked in advance. (you can check our web page for updates).

If you want to secure your visit two months in advance or face a sold-out situation, it may be worth considering a Last Supper tour, which conveniently includes the ticket cost in the overall price. This combination often doesn't result in a significant cost increase, particularly when it includes visits to other Milan attractions. You can use our webpage as a reliable source to compare all available options for Last Supper tickets, Last Supper tours and Milan tours including Last Supper.

Update for today: As of 20.07.2024 all official tickets are sold out.

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Last Supper Tickets for July, August, September and October 2024 (Official)
2 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie

from €15.00 EUR
Closest Date: All tickets are sold out
Duration: 15 Minutes
 Organized by: Cenacolo Vinciano Vivaticket

Cenacolo Vinciano, also known as The Last Supper, is a breathtaking masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci that stands as a testament to the artist's immense talent and innovative spirit. A visit […]
Popular Editor's Choice
Half-Day Milan Tour with The Last Supper
1 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie

from €90.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 23
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: Wander Italy
4.399 Reviews

Experience Milan's rich cultural and historical heritage as you embark on an immersive 3-hour walking tour of the city. Revel in the architectural grandeur of the Duomo, enjoy privileged ac […]
Last Supper Guided Tour
1 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie

from €79.00 EUR 
Closest Date: July 21
 Organized by: World Travel Guide
377 Reviews

Embark on an unforgettable journey through art history as you explore the captivating story of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. With our comprehensive skip-the-line guided tour, you'll delv […]
Guided Tour: Da Vinci's Last Supper and Santa Maria delle Grazie
1 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie

from €89.00 EUR 
Closest Date: July 27
Duration: 1 hour
 Seller: Tiqets
85 Reviews

Walk in the footsteps of greatness as you explore the intriguing depths of Leonardo da Vinci's magnum opus, "The Last Supper". Reserve your premium skip-the-line tickets now and embark on a […]
Milan Sightseeing and Last Supper Guided Tour
24 Piazza del Duomo

from €90.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 25
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: Veditalia
1.035 Reviews

Join us on an enthralling journey through the heart of Milan, and skip the notoriously long lines to witness Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, “The Last Supper.” From the awe-inspiring Duomo […]
Guided Tour: Best of Milan with Last Supper (Small Group)
1 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie

from €99.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 30
Duration: 3.5 Hours
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi Srl
1.789 Reviews

Start your tour at Milan at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church – you will also see The Last Supper by Da Vinci here. This masterpiece can only be seen by visitors who book their tickets pr […]
Walking Tour of Milan: Full Day
6 Piazza del Duomo

from €135.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 24
Duration: 6 Hours
 Organized by: Veditalia
505 Reviews

Everyone loves being exclusive, probably you too. Get priority access and skip the line, start exploring Duomo, San Maurizio Church and Santa Maria delle Grazie that hosts Da Vinci’s artwor […]
Ticket Pack: Duomo, Last Supper and Scala Theatre
Piazza del Duomo

from €99.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 30
Duration: 3.5 Hours
 Seller: Tiqets
216 Reviews

This half-day Best of Milan Pack consists of bus trips and guided strolling tours, all created to reveal you the very best little bits of Italy's most stylish and remarkable city: Milano! V […]
Walking Tour of Milan with Last Supper (Small Group)
1 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie

from €159.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 25
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: LivItaly Tours LLC
25 Reviews

The monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where your tour will begin from, is home to one of the most well-known masterpieces in art history, the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Get priv […]
Guided Last Supper, Milan's Sistine Chapel and Sforza Castle Tour
3 Via Giuseppe Antonio Sassi

from €75.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 25
Duration: 2 Hours
 Organized by: New Age
919 Reviews

Explore the breathtaking treasures of the Renaissance era in Milan, starting with an exclusive, priority entry to Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper. We journey further, immersing ourselves in […]
Milan: Ultimate City Highlights Walking Tour with The Last Supper Experience
8/1 Piazzale Luigi Cadorna

from €103.70 EUR
Closest Date: July 26
Duration: 6 Hours
 Organized by: Wander Italy
159 Reviews

Explore Milan's iconic landmarks, skip the lines, and dive into the city's rich history on this comprehensive guided walking tour. Discover the breathtaking Duomo, marvel at da Vinci's The […]
Private Tour
Milan Private Tour: Tour of the Last Supper, Duomo, and Gelato Experience
4 Via Giuseppe Mengoni

from €340.00 EUR 
Closest Date: July 28
Duration: 3 hours
 Organized by: Memento | Italy In Style
106 Reviews

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty and history of Milan with our private guided tour. Encounter masterpieces like Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper, witness the grandeur of the Duomo […]
Small Group
Last Supper Express Tour (Small Group)
1 Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie

from €129.00 EUR
Closest Date: July 25
Duration: 45 min.
 Organized by: LivItaly Tours LLC
351 Reviews

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of the Last Supper, one of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous masterpieces. This intimate and semi-private group tour, limited to 6 participan […]
Footprints of Da Vinci: 3 Hours Guided Art Tour
3 Via Giuseppe Antonio Sassi

from €79.00 EUR
Closest Date: August 6
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi Srl
95 Reviews

Embark on a captivating journey to explore the brilliant Milanese creations of Leonardo da Vinci, one of history's most renowned artists and polymaths. During this 3-hour guided art tour, y […]

About Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

Santa Maria delle Grazie is one of the most beautiful churches in Italy. It was built in the 15th century, initially in the late Gothic style, and was rebuilt in the Renaissance style from 1492 by Bramante (1444 -1514). The highlight of the church is the fresco "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci (1452 -1519). It is considered one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of art and captures the moment when Jesus speaks the words: "One of you will betray me". The entrance to what used to be the refectory of the Dominican convent is in the square in front of Santa Maria delle Grazie. It is in this refectory that, between 1495 and 1497, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper.

Santa Maria delle Grazie church with the Last supper fresco by Leonardo da Vinci

The painting occupies all of the wall at the end of the refectory; in the three lunettes over the fresco, below the decorations of the vault (which was destroyed in 1943) are the coats of arms of the Sforza and the Este families surrounded by wreaths, a tribute to Duke Ludovico il Moro and his wife, Beatrice d'Este. Some scholars maintain that the scene by Leonardo of the twelve Apostles seated together with their Lord at the supper table portrays them at the moment when Jesus announced that one of them would betray him, or, as others say, at the moment of the Consecration.

The reaction of the Disciples is apparent from their exaggerated gestures, emotional movements, and facial expressions, and contrasts with the immobility of Christ who dominates the scene from the center of a rigorously symmetrical composition in perfect perspective. The whole scene seems to be bathed in a diffused, gentle light coming partly from the three windows at the far end of the room and partly from the light at the front from the actual window in the real room. The figures are one third bigger than life-size and show masterly particulars of execution: after having done the sketches by pen and outlining the figures in their various poses, Leonardo drew naked figures which he later dressed with color. The painting is done in tempera- forte with a technique that allowed an exquisite fineness in the passage of tones due to the perfect mixing of colors. On the opposite wall, in front of the “Last Supper”, is the great “Crucifixion” painted in fresco by Donato Montorfano in 1495.

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The painting was miraculously left undamaged by the bombings of August 1943 which partially destroyed the nearby cloisters and parts of the church. The great painting has always been in a precarious state of conservation, and even Leonardo himself, when he had finished the work, declared that the work suffered from the humidity of the ground on which the building stood. Since 1517 it has steadily deteriorated, mainly because of the new painting technique used by Leonardo as an experiment. When a door was opened up in the wall, one of Christ’s legs was cut, while the restorations carried out in 1726 and 1770 only helped to increase the instability of the colors. At the time of Napoleon, the refectory was used as a stable and in 1801 was flooded by water. In 1953 the fresco was cleaned and consolidated; a complex and radical restoration procedure was completed in the second half of the 1990's so that this marvelous work can now be seen by the public again.

Milan Museum Tickets

Explore the vibrant art and culture scene in Milan with our comprehensive guide to the city's most popular museums. Find the perfect ticket or tour tailored to your interests, as we showcase options with the highest ratings and greatest number of reviews. Our selection includes world-renowned attractions such as the iconic Last Supper, La Scala Opera House, and the Sforza Castle. Don't miss out on these top-rated experiences – make your visit to Milan truly unforgettable with our expertly curated museum tickets and tours.

Tickets for Milan Cathedral and Rooftop
14 Piazza del Duomo

from €26.00 EUR
Validity: 3 Days
 Organized by: Veneranda Fabbrica Duomo di Milano
34.686 Reviews

Discover the architectural and artistic wonders of Milan's iconic cathedral, the Duomo, with all-inclusive access to its terraces, museum, and the Church of St. Gottardo in Corte. Delight i […]
The World of Leonardo: Leonardo3 Museum Tickets
11 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

from €15.00 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
280 Reviews

Leonardo da Vinci was definitely the best “renaissancer” with multiple disciplines – he was inventor, architect, painter, scientist, sculptor, mapmaker and writer. With digital work-of-art […]
Leonardo's Vineyard Tickets
65 Corso Magenta

from €14.00 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
128 Reviews

Delve into a timeless experience, a breathtaking exploration into one of the most cherished relics of the Renaissance era: Leonardo da Vinci's Vineyard. This historical site, lovingly known […]
Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Ticket
2 Piazza Pio XI

from €16.50 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
252 Reviews

If you want to learn more about Renaissance Italy then this tour to the world's oldest public art gallery is the best chance to do so. Pinacoteca Ambrosiana is the host of many masterpieces […]
La Scala Museum and Theater Guided Tour
1 Largo Antonio Ghiringhelli

from €39.00 EUR
Duration: 1 Hour
 Organized by: Z V SRL
2.115 Reviews

Join us for an unforgettable experience at one of the world's leading opera houses, La Scala, located in the heart of Milan, Italy. On this tour, you'll get to see the famous stage and ench […]

Guided Milan Tours

Explore the best of Milan with our handpicked selection of popular tours, carefully curated based on user ratings and reviews. These top-rated experiences offer an in-depth look at the city's rich history, culture, and stunning architecture, ensuring a memorable trip for every traveler. Our list showcases tours that have garnered high praise from participants, with a proven track record of both excellent ratings and numerous reviews. Immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Milan as you embark on these highly recommended guided tours, and let the city's allure captivate you.

Milan City Tour by Tram
8/1 Piazzale Luigi Cadorna

from €145.00 EUR
Duration: 2.5 Hours
 Organized by: Your Travel Diary
16 Reviews

Starting with Piazzale Cadorna under the famous "Needle-and-Thread" monument, discover Milan on a slow tram ride through the city center. Visit Sforza Castle where you will learn about the […]
Milan Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour
Piazza Castello

from €19.00 EUR
Duration: 1 Day-48 Hours
 Organized by: Sightseeing Experience
3.542 Reviews

To enjoy the city with panoramic view and audio guidance in an airy way, use this ticket for the open-top sightseeing bus. 4 separate bus loops, which are connected in fact, will be availab […]
From Milan to Serravalle Designer Outlet: Roundtrip Tickets
1 Strada Provinciale ex Strada Statale 35bis dei Giovi

from €25.00 EUR
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi
166 Reviews

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury at Serravalle Designer Outlet, the largest shopping mall in Europe and a top-tier retail destination in Italy. Our roundtrip service from Milan offers […]
Segway Milan Tour
2 Via dei Chiostri

from €69.00 EUR
Duration: 2-3 Hours
 Organized by: Fat Tire Tours – Italy
348 Reviews

Get on the Segway and discover all of the sightseeing highlights in Milan in a beautiful day. Your tour guide will tell you more about the history and background of what you see while you a […]
Italian Pizza and Gelato-Making Class in Milan
2 Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini

from €99.00 EUR
Duration: 3 Hours
 Organized by: Florencetown
356 Reviews

Join us for a hands-on culinary experience in Italy, where you'll learn to create two of the country's most beloved dishes - pizza and gelato. With the guidance of a professional chef, you' […]
Sforza Castle Professional Guided Tour
3 Viale Gadio

from €140.00 EUR 
Duration: 2 hours
 Organized by: Keys Of Italy / Milan and Venice
16 Reviews

Join a guided tour of Sforza Castle in Milan and learn about how it was renovated over the centuries. Explore its defensive structures including the fortress, military barracks, and private […]
Leolandia Tickets
52 Via Vittorio Veneto

from €40.50 EUR 
Duration: 1 day
 Seller: Tiqets
214 Reviews

Gather your family and step inside Leolandia which is a special park for kids and babies. The attraction sights include seven themed areas with themed entertainment, an educational animal f […]
Duomo of Milan Tour with Rooftop Access
Piazza del Duomo

from €72.00 EUR 
Duration: 2 hours
 Organized by: Wander Italy
664 Reviews

Dive into the grandeur and elegance of Milan's crown jewel, the breathtaking Duomo, with our definitive two-hour guided tour. Navigate through the magnificent edifice's majestic rooftop, de […]
The Ambrosiana Gallery and the Codex Atlanticus Guided Tour
2 Piazza Pio XI

from €52.90 EUR 
Duration: 8 hours
 Organized by: Italy Hidden Experiences
22 Reviews

The Ambrosiana Gallery, nestled in the heart of Milan, is home to a staggering collection of art and artifacts, among which, none is more captivating than the Codex Atlanticus. This colossa […]

Day Trips from Milan

Explore the best day trips from Milan and make the most of your Italian adventure. Our carefully curated selection showcases the highest-rated and most popular excursions, ensuring you experience top-notch destinations. Popularity is determined by a combination of excellent user ratings and a high number of reviews, guaranteeing you a memorable journey. Whether you're seeking historic landmarks, stunning landscapes, or culinary delights, these day trips promise to surpass your expectations and create lasting memories. Uncover the gems surrounding Milan and enrich your travel experience.

Editor's Choice
Lake Como and Bellagio Full-Day Tour from Milan
2 Passaggio Duomo

from €99.00 EUR
Duration: 10 Hours
 Organized by: Autostradale Viaggi
8.384 Reviews

Embark on an unforgettable journey from the bustling city of Milan to the serene beauty of Lake Como, a treasure trove of natural splendor, architectural marvels, and tranquil waters. This […]
Milan to St. Moritz Full Day-Tour on Bernina Express
18 Via Cusani

from €149.00 EUR
Duration: 12.5 Hours
 Organized by: Zani Viaggi Srl
1.196 Reviews

Immerse yourself in the wondrous charm of the Swiss Alps. Embrace a thrilling voyage aboard the iconic Bernina Red Train, traversing one of the world's most breathtaking railway routes. Rec […]
Guided Full-Day Verona and Lake Garda Trip from Milan
Piazza del Duomo

from €99.00 EUR
Duration: 12 Hours
 Organized by: Z V SRL
191 Reviews

Escape the bustle of city life and embark on a captivating day trip from Milan to Verona and Lake Garda, steeped in history, charm, and romance. Experience Verona's famed Shakespearean site […]
Venice Full-Day Tour from Milan
10 Foro Buonaparte

from €129.00 EUR 
Duration: 14 hours
 Organized by: Z V SRL
415 Reviews

Embark on a captivating adventure as we guide you through a day trip from Milan to Venice, promising an unparalleled exploration of 'The Floating City's' renowned sights. With a blend of gu […]
Interlaken & Swiss Alps Day Tour from Milan
581 Piazza Quattro Novembre

from €139.00 EUR 
Duration: 13 hours
 Organized by: Z V SRL
117 Reviews

Embark on a journey that promises an alpine spectacle beyond compare. Traverse the Swiss Alps via the historic Bernina Red Train, savoring an unparalleled experience on one of the most maje […]
A Tranquil Journey from Milan to Genova & Portofino

from €119.00 EUR
Duration: 12 Hours
 Organized by: Z V SRL
247 Reviews

Embark on a breathtaking journey from the bustling cityscape of Milan to the serene charm of the Ligurian Coast. This full-day voyage invites you to delve into the rich historical legacy of […]
Milan to Cinque Terre Day-Trip
18 Largo Cairoli

from €139.00 EUR 
Duration: 13 hours
 Organized by: Z V SRL
523 Reviews

Embark on a breath-taking day-long trip from the cosmopolitan city of Milan to the enchanting Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the northwestern region of Italy. Compris […]
Lake Como Small Group Tour
Piazza del Duomo

from €690.00 EUR 
Duration: 10 hours
 Organized by: Memento Italy
2 Reviews

The sun, a radiant orb in the sky, peeks over the distant mountain tops, spilling its golden rays onto the placid surface of Lake Como. Nestled in the crook of the Italian Alps, the lake, s […]
Bergamo and Brescia Day Trip from Milan
10 Foro Buonaparte

from €79.00 EUR 
Duration: 9 hours
 Organized by: Z V SRL
3 Reviews

Step into a world teeming with history and culture as we guide you on an unparalleled day trip from Milan to the dazzling cities of Bergamo and Brescia. This magical journey brings the ench […]
Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan
18 Largo Cairoli

from €139.00 EUR 
Duration: 1 Day
 Organized by: Z V SRL
19 Reviews

Embark on a captivating journey from Milan to Courmayeur and Monte Bianco, an experience that will leave you enthralled. Explore the allure of the European Alps and discover panoramic views […]

Transport Tickets

Bus to/from Milan: Orio al Serio Airport

from €10.00 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
57 Reviews

Experience swift, stress-free travel between Milan and Orio al Serio Airport via our reliable shuttle bus service. Whether you're landing in Milan, the renowned fashion capital of the world […]
Bus to/from Milan: Linate Airport
Viale Enrico Forlanini

from €5.00 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
78 Reviews

If you will arrive in or leave Milan via Linate Airport, book your transport in advance and enjoy hassle-free transportation. It will take you to your destination faster than public transpo […]
Bus to/from Milan: Malpensa Airport

from €10.00 EUR
 Seller: Tiqets
143 Reviews

Enjoy a seamless transition between Milan's bustling city center and Malpensa Airport on our shuttle bus service. We offer a top-notch transport service designed to streamline your commute […]