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Delve into a timeless experience, a breathtaking exploration into one of the most cherished relics of the Renaissance era: Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard. This historical site, lovingly known as La Vigna di Leonardo, presents an opportunity to walk the very grounds where the genius artist himself once found solace and inspiration.

Leonardo’s Lasting Legacy: A Vineyard Steeped in History

In the heart of Milan, a fascinating tale silently unfolds – a narrative interwoven with art, history, and viniculture, featuring none other than the great Leonardo da Vinci. At the core of this story lies an ancient vineyard, a gift bestowed upon Leonardo by Ludovico “Il Moro” Sforza, Duke of Milan, in 1498. Today, after centuries of obscurity, Leonardo’s Vineyard breathes anew, standing as a testament to the maestro’s enduring connection with Milan.

In 1482, Leonardo departed from Florence, then under the rule of Lorenzo de’ Medici, to venture into Milan, a city governed by Ludovico Maria ‘Il Moro’ Sforza. This journey marked the beginning of Leonardo’s intertwined relationship with the city and its duke, as Sforza commissioned him to paint “The Last Supper” in the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in 1495.

Three years later, Sforza presented Leonardo with an extraordinary gift – a lush vineyard, composed of 16 rows, nestled at the base of the garden of Atellani House. This house, constructed in 1490, is the sole survivor of a hamlet established by the Duke. Though Leonardo would eventually leave Milan, his bond with his vineyard remained unbroken.

Overcoming Challenges: The Preservation of Leonardo’s Vineyard

The year 1500 saw a significant shift in Leonardo’s life. ‘Il Moro’ found himself captured and imprisoned by the King of France’s forces, prompting Leonardo to abandon Milan. Despite this, Leonardo’s dedication to his vineyard never wavered.

The French confiscated the vineyard, but Leonardo managed to regain control. Even on his deathbed, Leonardo ensured the vineyard’s future, bequeathing a part to his servant and the rest to his protégé, Gian Giacomo ‘Salaì’ Caprotti.

Unearthing History: The Rediscovery and Restoration of Leonardo’s Vineyard

Fast forward to the 20th century, the eminent architect and Leonardo scholar, Luca Beltrami, discovered the exact location of the vineyard within the grounds of Casa degli Atellani, freshly restored by renowned architect Piero Portaluppi. Beltrami’s research culminated in the publication of his book, “La Vigna di Leonardo,” which chronicles the vineyard’s history and includes photographs of its remains taken in 1920, mere years before the vineyard was buried beneath rubble from bombings in 1943.

The rebirth of Leonardo’s Vineyard in the 21st century was made possible through a collaboration of Casa degli Atellani’s proprietors, the Piero Portaluppi Foundation, the President of the Republic, and the Italian Government. They sponsored extensive historical and scientific research, conducted by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Milan and leading expert, Professor Attilio Scienza.

Through archaeological digs, the original vineyard layout was unearthed. Samples from the site allowed researchers to recreate the genetic profile of the original grapevines, known as Malvasia di Candia aromatica. In 2015, this grape variety was replanted, restoring life to Leonardo’s Vineyard once more.

Leonardo's Vineyard Tickets

Leonardo’s Vineyard Tickets

Stepping into Casa degli Atellani: A Renaissance Palace Revealed

With every step through Casa degli Atellani, the famed Renaissance palace, you can feel the pulsating heart of history. This ivy-covered edifice, renowned for its collection of art and intricate carvings, gives a glimpse into the opulence of the era. As you meander through its grand halls and courtyards, you are transported back to a time of unmatched artistic and cultural fervor.

Resurrecting the Past: Recreating Leonardo’s Favorite Wine

Unearth the rich narrative of La Vigna di Leonardo further with the discovery of Leonardo’s favorite wine. Current Italian experts have embarked on an ambitious project, employing modern techniques such as genetic testing, in their quest to recreate the very wine that the maestro himself favored.This quest symbolizes a passionate endeavor to connect with the illustrious past.

Beyond the Vineyard: A Self-Guided Tour of Milan

Your journey doesn’t end at the vineyard. Included in your ticket is a self-guided smartphone tour of Milan. Uncover the city’s highlights from a unique perspective while benefitting from multilingual audio commentary about key points of interest. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture, history, and architecture, rounding off a truly memorable experience.

  • See the payment of Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci, which made him the owner of the vineyard about 500 years ago,
  • Chance to visit Renaissance palace Casa Degli Atellani which is a famous building with its ivy coverings,
  • Learn more about and test the favorite wine of Leonardo da Vinci and learn how it is recreated with genetic testing.
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