Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

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Duration: 1 Day
 Organized by: Z V SRL

Embark on a captivating journey from Milan to Courmayeur and Monte Bianco, an experience that will leave you enthralled. Explore the allure of the European Alps and discover panoramic views, unique attractions, and indulgent gastronomy. The highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, awaits you.

Your Adventure Begins: Departure from Milan

Start your journey from Milan early in the morning. Travel in comfort in an air-conditioned coach. Milan to Courmayeur is a trip imbued with scenic vistas. Upon arrival in Courmayeur, prepare yourself for a ride up the Monte Bianco Skyway cable car. This is an attraction in itself, boasting spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of the Valle d’Aosta and the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps.

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur Day Trip from Milan

Monte Bianco Skyway Cable Car Experience

Take the cable car ride up to the Helbronner peak, at 3466 meters. Along the way, you will be introduced to some of the most iconic peaks in Europe.

  • First Stop: Mont-Frety Pavilion, where you can visit the Botanic Garden Saussurea, known as one of the highest botanical gardens in Europe. Indulge in local or international cuisine at the Bellevue restaurant.
  • Final Destination: Helbronner peak, a vantage point offering breathtaking 360° views of the entire Alpine range.

Discover Alpine Treasures: Exhibits, Gardens, and Gastronomy

Botanic Garden Saussurea: Explore the rich flora that the alpine region has to offer. Witness a collection of rare and beautiful alpine plants from different mountain areas around the world.

The Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden, located at a staggering 2,173 meters above sea level, is Europe’s highest botanical garden. It’s a place where nature lovers can explore and learn about the fascinating alpine flora of the region. Nestled in the heart of the Aosta Valley, this garden serves as a unique junction of tourism, scientific research, and natural beauty.

Botanic Garden Saussurea

Botanic Garden Saussurea

Established in 1987, the Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden started as a modest tourist attraction near the Skyway Monte Bianco’s mid-point station. However, it rapidly gained recognition for its scientific contributions, particularly after becoming part of the protected Pavillon du Mont Fréty area within Espace Mont Blanc.

The garden’s name pays tribute to the flower “Saussurea alpina”, the Alpine Saw-wort, named after the Geneva scientist Horace Bénédict de Saussure. He played a significant role in promoting the first ascent of Mont Blanc in 1786.

Saussurea’s layout spans an impressive 7,000 square meters, with two distinct sections.

  • Artificial Rock Gardens: The first section meticulously cultivates all species in artificial rock gardens, each separated according to geographical origin.
  • Natural Alpine Pasture: The second section preserves the original alpine pasture, creatively mimicking the typical mountainous environments. This dual approach ensures a rich biodiversity, offering glimpses into different global ecosystems.

Beginning in July, the garden springs to life with vibrant blossoms, and in some years, you can still witness flowering species, including exotic ones, until the end of September. A captivating collection of around 800 species finds their home here, with many sourced from other esteemed gardens and universities across Europe and beyond.

Cave Mont Blanc and Experimental High Altitude Winery: Learn about the wine-making tradition in the Alps and enjoy a glimpse into the Cave Mont Blanc, a unique high-altitude winery.

The Summit – Helbronner Peak: Stand atop the Helbronner peak and feel the rush of the Alpine breeze. Capture the magnificence of the Italian, Swiss, and French Alps. Gaze upon the Mont Blanc and even the Matterhorn on a clear day.

End your journey in the heart of Courmayeur. Browse the local shops, soak in the sun on a terrace, or relish the chocolate-box chalets and boutiques.

Important Notes:

  • The bus takes approximately one hour to pick up all passengers. Times may vary subject to traffic conditions and passenger numbers.
  • This day-trip may not be suitable for pregnant women, individuals with back problems, claustrophobia, or heart conditions.

Monte Bianco and Courmayeur offer a blend of natural beauty, cultural insights, and delectable culinary experiences. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply looking for a unique day out from Milan, this full-day trip provides an unforgettable experience, curated to invigorate your senses and enrich your soul. Book your adventure today!

What's Included
  • Montebianco Skyway cable car tickets
  • Transport by air-conditioned coach from Milan
  • Professional tour guide
  • Hotel pickup (if option selected)
What's not Included
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Food and drinks
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