Navigli District Canal Cruise

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Duration: 1 hour
 Organized by: Neiade Tour & Events

Unlock the secrets of Milan’s picturesque Navigli district on our guided boat tour. We take you on an exciting expedition through the city’s renowned canals, imbuing the captivating tales of Milan’s cultural history and displaying the district’s vibrant livelihood.

Join us as we venture into the heart of the Navigli district, teeming with creativity and culture. Our canal cruise commences from the Navigli Grande, considered one of Milan’s oldest and significant waterways, setting the stage for an exciting exploration.

Sail Across the Historic Navigli Canals

Milan is more than just a fashion capital; it’s a city of rich heritage, intricate architecture, and vibrant life that thrives by the famous Navigli Canals.

Constructed in 1177, Naviglio Grande is the oldest and most significant canal in Milan. Its importance transcends the aesthetic appeal, as it has been a crucial transportation artery for goods between Milan and other parts of Italy, including Switzerland.

Our journey advances towards the Naviglio Pavese, displaying a panoramic view of Milan’s waterway network. Get a unique glimpse of the Darsena, an iconic 17th-century dockyard and mooring, serving as a significant social spot for locals and tourists alike.

Navigli District Canal Cruise

Navigli District Canal Cruise

Dive into a World of Creativity

The canals of Milan not only offer a unique waterside perspective of the city but also introduce you to a fascinating cultural hotspot. As we drift past the district, you will encounter a variety of artists’ studios, boutiques, romantic pubs, and bustling flea markets, each boasting an inimitable charm and character.

Experience the Leonardo da Vinci Connection

Uncover the fascinating history of the canals, originally a brainchild of the genius polymath Leonardo da Vinci. Learn more about his ingenious designs that intricately connected the city while our guide narrates the interesting anecdotes of this world-renowned artist and his life in Milan.

Experience the Local Life

Get insights into the day-to-day customs and lifestyles of Navigli district’s residents. Their dynamic, vibrant ways of life are as captivating as the district itself. The journey ends at the Naviglio Grande, offering an excellent opportunity for you to further explore this lively part of Milan.

  • Breathtaking views of the Navigli district from a unique waterway perspective.
  • Historic tales of Old Milan narrated by our expert guide.
  • Explore art studios, unique shops, romantic pubs, and flea markets.
  • Sail through the iconic Darsena.
  • Learn about the significant role of Leonardo da Vinci in designing the canals.
What's Included
  • A memorable Navigli cruise.
  • A knowledgeable and friendly tour guide to accompany you.
What's not Included

Hotel pickup and drop-off, food, and drinks are not included in this tour. However, we promise an enriching and engaging journey that will leave you with lasting memories of the charming Navigli district of Milan.

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