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12 Piazza Borromeo Milano Lombardia 20123 IT

The rather plain façade of this 15th century mansion is interesting for its Gothic entrance. Its pointed arch is accented with two colors of cut stone and by three marble borders decorated wth leaves and fruit.

A small dromedary kneels on the keystone. There are lovely, unusual enclosed courtyards and, in the rooms, some fine frescos.

Church of San Sepolcro (1).jpg
0.25 km
It has been remodeled many times since its founding in 1030; the faÇade however, has been restored to its primitive Lombard style. A vast crypt, that extends the length of the c...
Francesco Messina Museum (2).jpg
0.27 km
This is a very original type of museum: it displays the works of the sculptor Francesco Messina. It is something new on the order of museums because here we find a museum-studio...
The Ambrosian Library and its Art Gallery (2).jpg
Founded bv Cardinal Federico Borromeo in 1609 and built by Fabio Mangone and Francesco Maria Richini, the Ambrosian Library is one of the most remarkable demonstrations of the g...
San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore (3).jpg
0.36 km
The church is at 15 Corso Magenta. It was consecrated in 1519. It belonged to a convent of Benedictine nuns called “Maggiore” because it was the largest and most imp...
Palazzo Litta (4).jpg
Also known as “Palazzo Arese”, it was enlarged by the Litta family in 1700. The architect B.Bolla was commissioned to work over Richini’s original construction...
Palazzo Durini (9).jpg
0.42 km
Palazzo Durini’s story begins with the Durini family, an aristocratic lineage with deep roots in Milan’s social and political fabric. The family’s prominence c...
Santa Maria presso San Satiro (5).jpg
0.43 km
This church stands on Via Torino close to the Piazza del Duomo. The original building was erected at the time of Archishop Ansperto (10th century). Of this, only the chapel (Cap...
Loggia degli Osii (2).jpg
0.44 km
The Loggia of the Osii was built by Matteo Visconti in 1316. It was restored in 1904 and the deformations of the XVIIth. and XVIIIth. centuries were removed. The façade, with tw...
Piazza Mercanti (5).jpg
0.44 km
Between the Piazza Mercanti and Via Mercanti – just west of the Duomo – there is a group of buildings that splendidy illustrates the development of Milanese architec...
Palazzo Clerici (1).jpg
0.53 km
This splendid palace, built in the early decades of the 18th century contains a magnificent gallery of tapestries and a famous fresco painted by Giambattista Tiepolo about 1740,...
Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio  (13).jpg
0.53 km
This Basilica, which stands in the square bearing the same name, reflects sixteen centuries of history. It is the queen and mother of Lombard churches. This Paleo-Christian buil...
Colonne di San Lorenzo (2).jpg
0.58 km
When visiting Milan, you may stumble upon an ancient relic that stands as a testament to the city’s rich history: the Colonne di San Lorenzo. This article will take you on...
Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore (8).jpg
0.59 km
Traces of Roman and Paleo-Christian architecture are still clearly recognizable in the structure of this church located on Corso di Porta Ticinese. The square in front of the ch...
0.65 km
This magnificent square is said to be the minor of Milan and the Milanese. In fact its citizens pour in and out of it at every hour of the day; whether it is ablaze with sun-lig...
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - lastsuppertickets (6).jpg
0.66 km
The famous Galleria connects the plaza of the Cathedral to the Piazza della Scala. Building began in 1865 under the direction of Giuseppe Mengoni who died in 1877 after falling ...
Leonardo Da Vinci, Piazza Della Scala, Milan, Italy.JPG
0.69 km
In the center of the plaza we find the Monument to Leonardo da Vinci by Pietro Magni (1872). Four statues of the Milanese disciples of Leonardo, Marco d’Oggriono, G. Anton...
Palazzo Crivelli (3).JPG
0.7 km
There are two Andalusian style balconies and a portal with granite doorposts. Its style is typical of the 17th century It has well preserved architectural frescos in perspective...
0.7 km
The palace stands in the rectangular square on the southern side of the cathedral; it is a wide building with a Neoclassical front and two lateral wings. It is of ancient origin...
Teatro alia Scala (Scala Theatre) (1).jpg
The building with severe lines stands on one side of the Piazza della Scala. In the center of the square is the monument to Leonardo da Vinci by the sculptor Pietro Magni (1872)...
Palazzo Marino (1).jpg
0.74 km
This was built between 1553 and 1558 by Galeazzo Alessi for the Genoese merchant. Tommaso Marino The courtyard walls and columns are richly adorned with modeled concrete heads, ...
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