Piazza del Duomo


This magnificent square is said to be the minor of Milan and the Milanese. In fact its citizens pour in and out of it at every hour of the day; whether it is ablaze with sun-light or full of snow, they pass in a hurry and seem almost unaware of its beauty, its gleaming space, its imposing, white cathedral.

This is not true however, since the speed at which a Milanese thinks is the same as his rhythm of work and when he passes by he only needs a glance at it to be comforted and excited, and have his heart fill with pride before disappearing into the darkness of the subway or being swallowed up in the traffic. The vast rectangular plaza as it appears today, was designed in 1865 by the architect Giuseppe Mengoni.

In the center stands the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II which is by Ercole Rosa (1896). This equestrian statue in bronze represents the King at the battle of San Martino, while the base shows the Entry of the Piedmontese and French troops into Milan after the Battle of Magenta (1859). The immense bulk of the cathedral forms a background to the square and is flanked on the left, by the Palazzo Settentrionale (the Northern Palace) with porticos which open into the Victor Emmanuel Arcade (Galleria Vit-torio Emanuele) and to the right, by the Palazzo Meridionale (the Southern Palace) also with porticos, after which there are two buildings with loggias; at the other end, the square is completed by the Palazzo del-l’Orologio (the Palace of the Clock). The two main subway lines, called the red and the yellow line, intersect at the station beneath this square.

Via Monte Napoleone (2).JPG
0.62 km
Via Monte Napoleone is synonymous with opulence, elegance, and the finest in fashion. Nestled in the heart of Milan, this prestigious street is a hub for high-end shopping and d...
Palazzo Toscanini.jpg
0.63 km
This 17th century mansion is the dwelling of the famous orchestra conductor s family. On the outside is a superb wrought iron railing on the central balcony The larghe front doo...
Ca' de Sass.jpg
0.64 km
The Museum of History, ‘Ca’ de sass”, so called on account of the large stones projecting from its exterior walls, is housed in a small building on 11 Via Ande...
Antico Ospedale Maggiore (2).jpg
0.64 km
Once called by the Milanese “Ca’ Granda” (the Big House) this building was commissioned by Francesco Sforza who, in 1456, decided to gather into one hospital the numerous ...
Palazzo Borromeo (4).jpg
0.65 km
The rather plain façade of this 15th century mansion is interesting for its Gothic entrance. Its pointed arch is accented with two colors of cut stone and by three marble border...
Palazzo Durini (9).jpg
0.67 km
Palazzo Durini’s story begins with the Durini family, an aristocratic lineage with deep roots in Milan’s social and political fabric. The family’s prominence c...
Palazzo Morando (1).JPG
0.69 km
The correct name would be Palazzo Morando Attendolo Bolognim. It now contains a municipal museum collection. The Barocchetto style facade has been partly remodeled. The staircas...
Museum of Milan and of Modern History.jpg
0.7 km
Illustrations and paintings recall the historical events of the city from the 17th to the early years of the 20th century. ...
The Basilica of San Babila (1).jpg
0.7 km
The basilica ol San Babila, now squashed in by modern buildings, was, perhaps, built at the end of the Xlth century on the site of another, but older, church founded by St. Lore...
Seminario Maggiore (3).jpg
0.71 km
At No. 11 Corso Venezia we can see the building which was once the “Seminario Maggiore” founded by St. Carlo in 1561, this buildings built on the site of the ancient “Umil...
Francesco Messina Museum (2).jpg
0.76 km
This is a very original type of museum: it displays the works of the sculptor Francesco Messina. It is something new on the order of museums because here we find a museum-studio...
Palazzo Silvestri Fontana (4).jpg
0.81 km
This linear and unadorned façade makes it a typical example of 15th century Milanese architecture. There is a wrought iron balcony on the exterior above the main door which is d...
San Pietro in Gessate (4).jpg
0.86 km
This 15th cent, church has been poorly remodeled more than once since its construction, its façade was restored in Lombard style. The interior has three aisles, 12 side chapels,...
Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore (8).jpg
0.92 km
Traces of Roman and Paleo-Christian architecture are still clearly recognizable in the structure of this church located on Corso di Porta Ticinese. The square in front of the ch...
Palazzo Serbelloni (1).jpg
0.93 km
This large and majestic building was enlarged in the Neoclassical style by Simone Cantoni at the end of the 18th century. The façade has three orders, or rows, of windows that h...
Palazzo del Senato (2).JPG
0.93 km
Fabio Mangone, the master builder of the Duomo and favorite arch tect of Cardinal Federico Borromeo began to construct this austere edifice in 1620. It was intended to house the...
San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore (3).jpg
0.94 km
The church is at 15 Corso Magenta. It was consecrated in 1519. It belonged to a convent of Benedictine nuns called “Maggiore” because it was the largest and most imp...
Brera Picture Gallery (1).jpg
0.94 km
The name Brera come from the place where the “Umiliati” (an order of religious men and laymen) built their house within the city walls in about 1170. In the 13th century t...
Museum of the Risorgimento (3).jpg
0.95 km
(National Revival) – (23 Via Borgonuovo tel. 803.539) – Exhibits dating from the mid-18th century to 1914 in which there was a national revival and struggle to unite...
Colonne di San Lorenzo (2).jpg
0.97 km
When visiting Milan, you may stumble upon an ancient relic that stands as a testament to the city’s rich history: the Colonne di San Lorenzo. This article will take you on...
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