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Important agricultural and industrial centre. The Castello, built in 1382 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti and later spoilt by alterations, still reveals some interesting parts of the original construction on the outside.

In the Basilica di Santa Maria Nuova the finest element is the gracious four-arched portico. Renaissance in style, it is decorated with terracottas and busts. Against the facade is a harmonious Renaissance arcade (1497) by Bramante.

The basilica contains 15th cent. graffito decoration. A short walk away is the Chiesa Abbaziale di Santa Maria di Morimondo, built between 1186 and 1292. Cistercian-Gothic in style, the interior is composed of a nave and two aisles divided by heavy pillars.

There is a 14th cent. holy-water stoup, surmounted by a statue of the Virgin and Child, probably by Bonino da Campione, whose work belongs to the second half of the 14th cent.

Certosa of Garegnano (1).jpg
20.2 km
Certosa of Garegnano was founded in 1359 by Giovanni Visconti Archbishop of Milan and his brother Luchino in the village of Garegnano, which had already become part of the city ...
Casa di Riposo per Musicisti (2).jpg
20.22 km
This is the rest home for musicians that Giuseppe Verdi ordered built. The architectural plan was the idea of Arrigo Boito: in a crypt in the center of the garden (decorated wit...
The Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology (6).jpg
This museum, which has no egual in Italy, was founded by the engineer Guido Uccelli. It was inaugurated in 1953 with the great exhibition held for the Vth centenary of Leonardo&...
Church of San Vittore al Corpo (7).jpg
21.02 km
Romanesque basilica reconstructed in the 16th century; the wooden choir in the chancel is magnificent. ...
Hotel Milano Regency (1).jpg
21.16 km
Step into the charm of the Hotel Milano Regency, an exquisite four-star establishment, nestled in the epicenter of fashion and design – Milan. This prestigious location is unden...
The church of San Gottardo in Corte (5).jpg
21.34 km
The construction of the church which is incorporated into the Royal Palace (the entrance is from via Pecorari) began in the first half of the 14th century. Azzone Visconti had i...
Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio  (13).jpg
21.4 km
This Basilica, which stands in the square bearing the same name, reflects sixteen centuries of history. It is the queen and mother of Lombard churches. This Paleo-Christian buil...
Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio.jpg
21.54 km
This church is, after St. Ambrogio, the most noteworthy medieval Milanese edifice. It rises in the square of same name in the modestly picturesque neighborhood of Porta Ticinese...
La Triennale di Milano  (4).jpg
The exact name of this international exposition is “Esposizione Internazionale delle Arti Decorative e Industrial Moderne e dell Architettura Moderna”. It exhibits contemporary ...
Colonne di San Lorenzo (2).jpg
21.66 km
When visiting Milan, you may stumble upon an ancient relic that stands as a testament to the city’s rich history: the Colonne di San Lorenzo. This article will take you on...
The Arch of Peace (2).jpg
21.71 km
Found in the semicircular opening of Piazzale Sempione, this is a regular construction with precise height limits; the Arch of Peace rising in isolation is considered the most r...
Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore (8).jpg
21.73 km
Traces of Roman and Paleo-Christian architecture are still clearly recognizable in the structure of this church located on Corso di Porta Ticinese. The square in front of the ch...
Palazzo Litta (4).jpg
Also known as “Palazzo Arese”, it was enlarged by the Litta family in 1700. The architect B.Bolla was commissioned to work over Richini’s original construction...
San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore (3).jpg
21.77 km
The church is at 15 Corso Magenta. It was consecrated in 1519. It belonged to a convent of Benedictine nuns called “Maggiore” because it was the largest and most imp...
Francesco Messina Museum (2).jpg
21.8 km
This is a very original type of museum: it displays the works of the sculptor Francesco Messina. It is something new on the order of museums because here we find a museum-studio...
Palazzo Borromeo (4).jpg
21.93 km
The rather plain façade of this 15th century mansion is interesting for its Gothic entrance. Its pointed arch is accented with two colors of cut stone and by three marble border...
Palazzo Durini (9).jpg
21.94 km
Palazzo Durini’s story begins with the Durini family, an aristocratic lineage with deep roots in Milan’s social and political fabric. The family’s prominence c...
Sforzesco Castle (11).jpg
21.99 km
What we see today is only a part of the original citadel which, at the beginning, consisted of other forts enclosed in a great star-shaped ramparted fortress. The perimetral dev...
Santa Maria presso San Celso (4).jpg
22.04 km
Built between 1490 and 1570; the shelves of the sacristy are full of valuable objects. ...
Church of San Sepolcro (1).jpg
22.15 km
It has been remodeled many times since its founding in 1030; the faÇade however, has been restored to its primitive Lombard style. A vast crypt, that extends the length of the c...
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