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23 Viale G. Agnelli Lodi Lombardia 26900 IT

Important agricultural and industrial centre, with historical connections, on the right bank of the river Adda. The Duomo was begun in 1160, and has a facade which has obviously been altered many times. The large, solemn interior contains important paintings including a polyptych by Callisto Piazza (c. 1500-1562) depicting the Massacre of the Innocents; and a polyptych of the Assunta by Martino Piazza (recorded 1514-1527); in the chancel are eleven works in marquetry by fra’ Giovanni da Verona (c. 1457-1525). 18th cent. Broletto, with Baroque facade.

The Renaissance-style Santuario dell’Incoronata (begun in 1488) contains important works of art, including four panels by Ambrogio da Fossano, called Bergognone (c. 1455-1522). The church of San Cristoforo was completely rebuilt to a design by Pellegrino Tibaldi called Pellegrino Pellegrini (1527-1596).

The former monastery of St. Philip houses the Museo Civico, with a section containing 17-19th cent, ceramics, and an important art gallery, with works by Callisto Piazza, Cesare da Sesto (1477-1523), and other good artists. The church of San Francesco, built at the end of the 13th cent., in Gothic-Lombard style, contains extremely interesting 14th and 15th cent. frescoes by local and other Lombard painters.

The Ospedale Maggiore (15-16th cent.) has an interesting courtyard (1473). The 14th cent. church of Sant’ Agnese is in Gothic-Lom-bard style; inside is a polyptych by Albertino Piazza (c. 1475-1529). The church of San Lo-renzo (12-13th cent.) contains a fresco of the Re-surrection by Callisto Piazza, and a Pieta by Bernardino Campi (1552-1591). In the church of San Bassiano, which has a Gothic facade, is a valuable series of 14th cent. frescoes.

Sant' Angelo Lodigiano.jpg
11.19 km
Sant’Angelo Lodigiano is a picturesque Italian city located in the Lodi province of Lombardy. Known for its enchanting castle, historical churches, and cultural museums, t...
14.16 km
Agricultural town at the foot of the hill of San Colombano. The 14th cent. Parrocchiale (parish church) has a neo-Classical pronaos, and frescoes by Bernardino Campi (c. 1552-15...
15.16 km
Agricultural and industrial centre divided by the river Lambro. The Prepositurale (provostry) di San Giovanni Battista is believed to go as far back as the 4th cent. In the 16th...
Ospedaletto Lodigiano.jpg
17.13 km
Agricultural centre; it grew up around a 12th cent. hospital. The church of Santi Pietro e Paolo (1559) has a fine facade, and is flanked by a cusped bell-tower. Inside is a pic...
Cassano d'Adda.jpg
24.13 km
Large village built on a rise, to the right of the river Adda. The Castello Borromeo d’ Adda, whose origins are pre-1000 A.D., was rebuilt in later periods. It has an inte...
Rotonda di Via Besana.jpg
28.67 km
The design is the most original of all Milanese 18th century architecture. The unique cruciform church has a dome above the central octagon and is surrounded by beautifully desi...
San Pietro in Gessate (4).jpg
29.1 km
This 15th cent, church has been poorly remodeled more than once since its construction, its façade was restored in Lombard style. The interior has three aisles, 12 side chapels,...
Basilica of Santa Maria della Passione (2).jpg
29.14 km
St. Maria Della Passione’s Church rises between Via Conservatorio and Via V. Beilini. It was built by oder of Domenico Birago, Prothonotary Apostolical, appointed by Sisto IV as...
Antico Ospedale Maggiore (2).jpg
29.23 km
Once called by the Milanese “Ca’ Granda” (the Big House) this building was commissioned by Francesco Sforza who, in 1456, decided to gather into one hospital the numerous ...
Palazzo Isimbardi.png
29.27 km
The oldest part, named after a family that owned it, was built in the 15th century. However, it has been considerably altered during the course of the centuries that have follow...
Palazzo Sormani (3).jpg
29.27 km
Palazzo Sormani, nestled in the heart of Milan, Italy, is a remarkable historical building with an impressive architectural design. Completed in 1779, the Palazzo was initially ...
The Basilica of San Nazaro Maggiore (4).jpg
29.4 km
Founded in the 4th century, it was rebuilt in Romanesque style after the fire of 1705; the Chapel of San Lino contains important 10th century frescos. ...
Palazzo Toscanini.jpg
29.4 km
This 17th century mansion is the dwelling of the famous orchestra conductor s family. On the outside is a superb wrought iron railing on the central balcony The larghe front doo...
Santa Maria presso San Celso (4).jpg
29.47 km
Built between 1490 and 1570; the shelves of the sacristy are full of valuable objects. ...
The Basilica of San Babila (1).jpg
29.56 km
The basilica ol San Babila, now squashed in by modern buildings, was, perhaps, built at the end of the Xlth century on the site of another, but older, church founded by St. Lore...
Palazzo Silvestri Fontana (4).jpg
29.61 km
This linear and unadorned façade makes it a typical example of 15th century Milanese architecture. There is a wrought iron balcony on the exterior above the main door which is d...
Palazzo Saporiti.jpg
29.61 km
Here is another example, like Palazzo Serbelloni, of the grandiose Neoclassical style of architecture that was in vogue during the Napoleonic Era. It is the work of the early 18...
Palazzo Serbelloni (1).jpg
29.62 km
This large and majestic building was enlarged in the Neoclassical style by Simone Cantoni at the end of the 18th century. The façade has three orders, or rows, of windows that h...
Basilica of San Carlo al Corso (3).jpg
29.65 km
The present day basilica of St. Carlo was built on the site of the old church and convent ol the Servants of Mary. When preparations for Ferdinando I of Austria’s entrance into ...
Palazzo Castiglioni (1).jpg
29.67 km
Styles called “floreale” and “Liberty” were fashionable at the beginning of 20th century. They were typified by heavy ornamentation of figures, columns, ...
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